For that Head-Turning Gain

Chicken in a smoothie?

Everyone knows the benefits of consuming protein from lean chicken breasts. Our smoothies eliminate the need to chew on dry and bland meat, in return attain that ideal macro through a refreshing and zesty blend that is very easy to drink.

You will love this new way of clean diet.

Try it now

BE smoothies uses high-quality and nutritious ingredients blended with love and care, offering you the convenience of consuming a clean diet without the compromise in taste.

"I was quite skeptical about the taste initially, but surprisingly it turned out to be very good. Nothing near the awful chicken taste I have imagined."

Brandon W

"Skeptical at first, I gave my first sip... addicted thereafter!"

Aaron H

"This is seriously some delicious protein shakes! Do yourself a favour and get it now!"

Desmond W

Never knew chicken breast smoothie can be so yummilicious! #slurp #delish 

Adrian T

"Tasted surprisingly refreshing for me. There's no chicken taste at all,  just the feel of chicken fibers, like the pulps of an orange juice. Recommend giving it a try!"

Hafiz J