For that Head-Turning Gain

Chicken in a smoothie?

Everyone knows the benefits of consuming protein from lean chicken breasts. Our smoothies eliminate the need to chew on dry and bland meat, in return attain that ideal macro through a refreshing and zesty blend that is very easy to drink.

You will love this new way of clean diet.

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BE smoothies uses high-quality and nutritious ingredients blended with love and care, offering you the convenience of consuming a clean diet without the compromise in taste.

Happy Lunar New Year

Lunar new year is around the corner and we are giving out limited edition pineapple tarts from Duxton 41 - SG 1st guilt free dessert place. This spring creation of theirs is sugar free and made of whole wheat flour, so you can fully indulge without guilt. Purchase of every 4 bottles x 500ml BE smoothies get 6 tarts, hurry up while stock last! (We will get in touch once order is received)

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